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Business & Communication Coach

Mental Health Coach

Business & Communication Coaching Services:

- Strategic Planning

- Business Start Up

- Growth Strategy
- Business Analysis

- Restructure Analysis and Implementation

- Process Communication Model (PCM)

- Speaker (Mental Health and Entrepreneur)

- Customer Experience Optimization
- Employee Experience Optimization

- Leader Mentorship

- Training
- 1 to 1 Coaching
- Project management
- Business advisor

Mental Health Coaching Services:

- Process Communication Model (PCM)

- Speaker (Mental Health and Life, Sports, Society)

- Daily Stress Management

- Personal Life Goals

- Professional Life Goals

- Parent Life

- Divorce / Difficult Custody Situations

- Divorce Coach

- Couples' Mediation

- Social Situations

- Family Situations

- Performance Worries



Master of Ceremonies and Crowd Animator are two services that I added in 2022.

From a calm professional Master of Ceremonies to a high energy, crowd motivator, put the microphone in my hands & let me handle the rest!

During the 2022-2023 Hockey season, I was the Crowd Animator for the Montcalm Bâtisseurs (LNAH) as well as the Terrebonne Cobras (LHJAAAQ).

During the 2023-24 Hockey Season, I will be the Crowd Animator and Events Coordinator for the Terrebonne Cobras!


About Coach Gio

Dad, Friend, Coach, Entrepreneur



Worked with over 200 entrepreneurs / companies

30 years experience in Customer Service & Sales

10 years experience in Business Structure Analysis

10 years experience in Growth Strategy

3 years experience as a Business Coach

Coach Gio (yes, this is me talking in the third person) has a very human approach to his work.

It's not just about the company and its results.

I look at the human side of the company and those who work in it. 

True happiness is a triangle:

Personal, Social and Professional.

Father of Antonio (shared custody).

My son is my #1, my world and my biggest cheerleader.

25 years experience as a sports Coach, notably Soccer.


Recovered from abusive situations.

Constantly working on improving life & mental health.

Helped numerous people through tough situations and escape dangerous situations.

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